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What Is Commercial Property Damage?

Commercial property damage can strike your business at any time. Our team at Klotzman Property Damage Law helps business owners get the money they deserve from insurance companies. We’ll explain the common causes of commercial property damage and how you can defend against it.

What Is Commercial Property Damage?

Property damage comes in various forms and impacts thousands of businesses each year. Commercial property damage constitutes any damage that befalls a business’s structure, equipment, or other possessions due to theft, vandalism, fires, and acts of nature (which include tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.). 

Commercial properties account for approximately half of the insurance premiums written. It’s vital for people to be able to protect their businesses from destruction so they can continue to provide for families, employees, and the community. 

According to the Florida Statute of Limitations, you have four years to ensure your claim is filed. However, you should always act swiftly when dealing with commercial property damage in order to ensure the damage does not get worse.

Common Causes of Commercial Property Damage

There are many ways your property can be damaged. Let’s walk through some of the most common causes so you can protect your business. 

Inclement Weather

Weather-related incidents are one of the most common causes of property damage and contain a multitude of destructive events. Typical types of inclement weather that could affect your business include the following:

  • Hailstorms
  • Thunderstorms
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Windstorms 
  • Floods 
  • Earthquakes 

Make sure to prep your commercial property before any major instances of inclement weather to minimize the possibility of damage. Additionally, make sure to review your policy to see what types of inclement weather your property is covered for. 

Water Damage

In the state of Florida, water damage is defined as the losses incurred due to water leakage in unattended places. Examples of water damage include burst pipes, shower leaks, overflowing toilets, dishwasher leaks, washing machine leaks, refrigerator leaks, automatic fire systems, and HVAC systems failing to drain.

It is important to handle water leaks on your property as soon as possible. A delay in addressing these issues can lead to more serious problems like mold, excess damage to walls, excess damage to appliances, and the risk of pests. 

Fire in an Office Building, Commercial Property Damage


Fire damage is another common type of commercial property damage. Like water damage claims, fire damage claims should be swiftly handled in order to minimize additional issues. Make sure to document all of the damage for your claim. Additionally, you might have to work with authorities to determine if the fire was accidental or intentional. 

The best way to prevent fire damage is to consistently check your building’s smoke detectors and sprinkler systems to ensure that they are up to code and functioning properly. Also, make sure to check any and all electrical equipment for faulty or frayed wiring and replace it as soon as possible. 

Damage Caused by People

This type of damage can result from employees or visitors, or even theft and vandalism. Whether the damage is accidental or intentional, it’s always best to speak with a commercial property damage attorney who can best assist you with your claim.

You can try to prevent any accidental damage by maintaining a safe environment for all your employees and visitors. 

Tips to Prevent Property Damage to Your Business

Some commercial property damage, like instances of inclement weather, is not always preventable. But you can take the following steps to protect your property as much as possible.

  • Install a security system inside and outside your property
  • Regularly check your smoke detectors and sprinkler systems
  • Stay alert for any upcoming inclement weather in your area

For any business, commercial property damage claims can be tricky to navigate. That is why it’s always best to speak with an expert to assist you throughout the process. However, it’s also essential to do your part to try and prevent these damages from occurring.

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Property damage affects thousands of Americans each year. If you have experienced this type of accident, it is critical to take action. We can help you determine your options based on your insurance coverage. We will investigate, negotiate, and litigate your case to get you the results you deserve.

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