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Fire Damage

Fire is perhaps the most expensive and stressful property insurance claim. They can exert a lot of damage to properties, and they usually do it quickly. Furthermore, fire damage comes with extra expenses like having to move out and rebuild, either entirely or partially. Fortunately, property insurance was originally meant to provide coverage against fire. As a result, it’s generally easier to find coverage for fire damage claims.

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Water damage

Water damage in Florida can be attributed to plumbing defects, rain, flooding, and melting ice. Freezing damage is primarily caused by snow, which is something that most people in Florida don’t have to worry much about. Nonetheless, most commercial insurance policies offer adequate coverage against all these kinds of damage.

Flooding in Florida is commonly caused by:

  • A tropical storm or hurricane that causes a tidal surge.
  • Rapid or heavy rainfall that causes water to overflow into buildings, car parks, streets, etc.
  • Inefficient or clogged drainage systems.
  • Also note that water damage inside a building could lead to untold damage, especially if it goes unnoticed for a long time.

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Mold Damage

Many people like living in Florida because it’s always warm. This is why mold is a problem in Florida. If you have experienced water damage as experienced above that is not addressed properly promptly, you most likely have mold damage along. Whenever a mold damage claim is filed, the insurance company will have to decide whether or not to cover the claim based on the source of the mold.

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