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Pipe Bursting!

Pipe Bursting,


Water damage claims are the most common type of insurance claim. Unfortunately, the insurance companies try to deny or underpay these claims based on various policy exclusions. ,The Law Offices of Scott Klotzman, P.A. works zealously at identifying and litigating these issues to get your claim covered!

Sometimes, its starts as “just a smell” coming from the sink. Maybe, it’s a chronic backed up toilet. These may be indicators of a pending burst.

Your property is one of the most vital investments you will ever make.

One of the biggest nightmares a homeowner can deal with is a pipe bursting. It’s more than a burst pipe. It can mean, property damage, mold, mildew, and more!

Imagine this: you come home.

You smell something.

You see water.

You see flooding.

Your personal items & interior are impacted including furniture & flooring. The cost to fix can be intense. If not properly repaired, can actually cause structural damage to your home.

One of the biggest consequences of water damage is mold and mildew growth. It is not only unsanitary, it can cause long term health problem. It no doubt can impact the value of your house.

What do you do next? The next steps you take are critical. Your steps need to include connecting with a ,Klotzman Property Damage Law experienced to reduce your stress and maximize your compensation.

What causes a pipe to burst?

Well, in the cases of countries that experience extremely cold weather, there are two reasons or causes that get your pipes to burst. Here in Florida, freezing climates are rare, so just know that if temps reach below freezing, your pipes will freeze.

Water Pressure/Toilet Back ups

Be it a clogged toilet or strong water flow, your pipes can only take a certain amount of pressure. Too much water buildup in the pipes will cause them to expand and may lead the pipes to burst; to avoid such events, have your pipes routinely inspected and maintained. Avoiding burst pipes can be simple when precautionary measures were done before the actual incident. However, how will you face a problem caused by burst pipes when the incident is happening in the here and now? Call us at 954-915-7405 so we can support you through your property damage insurance ,claim.

What to Do When your Pipes Begin to Burst

When water pipes burst, your initial action is to stop the water from spraying out; you do not want to let the water keep flowing because you want to reduce the number of primary and secondary damages as much as possible. However, shutting off the water source is still not enough to consider the situation solved. Here are a few things you should consider doing to ensure the safety of your home and your family. What if you can’t source or see the leak?

Act Now!

Prolonging or ignoring the situation can make things increasingly worse for a homeowner. Small leaks are early signs of burst pipes and patching them up will delay or even stop your pipes from bursting. Turning off your water and heater supply quickly will prevent a flooding event from entering your home.

Turn off Your Electricity

Hanging wires and exposed electrical sockets can lead to disastrous situations if water makes contact; fires, electrocution, and blackouts are some of the most common dangers. Turning off your electric supply will prevent that .

Call the Professionals

Patching up a burst pipe is not a do-it-yourself kind of job. The problem is big, dangerous, and is in dire need of an expert’s touch. After you have ensured that you have stopped the water from rushing out the broken pipe, be sure to call in the professionals for an immediate fix. You may need to submit a claim to your insurance company. If that is the case, consider hiring a lawyer. Remember, insurance companies often deny, delay or underpay claims making it impossible sometimes to truly repair and restore your home.

Do you have a burst pipe? Do you already have an insurance claim?

If you are dealing an insurance dispute involving a pipe burst, please call ,The Law Offices of Scott Klotzman, P.A. today. We are your ,property damage attorneys serving Florida.

Together, we stand up to insurance companies. Our team of property damage lawyers have extensive experience handling Florida pipe burst claims and our ,client experience are everything!

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