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Issues With Mold In Your Rental Home Or Apartment?

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What Should I Do If My Home Has A Mold Problem?

If you are experiencing issues with mold it is best to keep detailed records and notify the property manager. Mold can be toxic and it is important to seek medical attention to be examined for any illness caused by the mold.

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How Does Mold Affect My Family And Me?

Whether it’s the fuzzy white patches on your basement floor, the slimy black spots on your shower curtain or the slippery orange film that accumulates on your kitchen drain, mold in your house is more than simply an eyesore. In rare situations, mold in your house could make you ill if you have allergies or asthma. Here is how mold can affect you and your family:


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Mold Damage

Mold has caused significant health problems, deaths, and financial strains in the US. People have been ill for years without explanation, only to discover that mold caused their ailments. Typically, toxic mold can cause infections, allergies, and skin irritations.

Toxic mold can adversely affect you and your family, especially when you reside in a mold-infested home. Besides affecting your health, it can take a great toll on your finances, especially when it affects your indoor property. A Florida mold damage lawyer can help you navigate this situation.

You can file a claim against the negligent landlord if you or a family member has been sickened by toxic mold. Klotzman Property Damage Law in Florida can assist you in negotiating fair compensation. Our property damage lawyers are extremely experienced in dealing with cases like yours.

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