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Water damage can cause a lot of destruction in your home. It can cause your floor to warp, discolor your beautiful walls, and lead to mold growth. It can also weaken the foundation of your home. It is expensive to recover from water damage. Luckily, your insurance policy can protect you from water damage.

It is, however, stressful and challenging to get the insurance company to pay for the costs related to water damage. It is better to hire a Miami water damage attorney to maximize the amount of compensation you can receive from your insurance company.

At Klotzman Property Damage Law, we can document your losses to maximize the amount of compensation you can receive from your insurance company. We will help you better understand your policy and protect your rights. Our Miami property damage lawyers will provide solid evidence to strengthen your water damage claim.

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What Is Water Damage, Legally?

Water damage refers to the accidental damage or destruction to your property as a result of accidental leakage, overflow, or discharge of plumbing systems, refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems, and heating systems. Water damage is usually part of your homeowner’s insurance.

How Is Water Damage Different From Flood Damage?

Human errors and plumbing problems within your property can cause water damage in your property. For example, dishwater leaks, washing machine leaks, toilet overflowing, burst pipes, automatic fire systems, and HVAC systems failing to drain can cause water damage in your home.

Natural sources, on the other hand, can cause flood damage. For example, flooding from the ocean, lakes overflowing, rivers overflowing, rainstorms, and hurricanes and storms can cause flood damage. It is expensive to recover from flood damage.

What Are the Common Causes of Water Damage?

Water damage does not just soak your carpets, damage your belongings, and promote mold growth in your home. Water damage can also affect the health of your loved ones and compromise the structural integrity of your home. It is better to identify the causes of water damage and fix them early.

Here are the common causes of water damage.

Clogged Gutters

Debris, such as leaves and branches, can block your gutters. If debris blocks your gutters, water might not flow away from your home. The water can even overflow to cause damage to your floors, walls, and ceiling. Do not let debris accumulate in your gutters.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes can damage your home. Leaking pipes can damage your entire wall, but leaks inside walls can be difficult to find. If there is a sudden increase in your water bills, you might have a leaking pipe. It’s best to hire a plumber to inspect your plumbing system if you think you might have a leak.

Old and Faulty Appliances

Your old and faulty appliances can cause water damage in your home. For instance, the connections of old water heaters and washing machines often cause water damage. So, check the connections leading to old appliances. You may have to replace your old appliances to prevent water damage.

Burst Pipes

If the temperature rises suddenly, your pipes might burst. It is even easy for the old and rusty pipes to burst. So, check the condition of your pipes. If they are old, replace them. Replacing your old pipes can help you prevent water damage from occurring.

Condensation From Your AC

The moisture drips from the evaporator of your air conditioner into a drain pan. Then, the moisture gets out of your home through the condensate drain line. If something is clogging the condensation line or the drain pan is damaged, then water would not get out of your home. The moisture dripping can, therefore, damage your walls and floors.

Blocked Drains

Dirt, grease buildup, hair, and even toiletries can block the drains in your bathroom floor, kitchen skin, and your bathtub. Foreign objects can prevent normal drainage in your home. Blocked drains can cause water damage and even flood damage in your home.

It is hard to prevent water damage. It is, however, not impossible. If you notice some of these signs, you need to fix them to minimize water damage in your home.

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How Can Water Damage My Property?

Water can not only damage your property. It can also cause more problems for your family. It can take time and cost a lot of money to repair water damage. If you notice signs of water damage in your home, we highly encourage you to fix them immediately.

Here is how water can damage your property.


Water damage can increase moisture levels inside your property. The increasing moisture levels promote mold growth. Mold is not only bad for your property. It is also bad for the health of your family. Taking care of water damage can help prevent mold growth on your property.

Health Risks

If mold grows inside your property, it can cause serious health issues for your family. For instance, it can cause respiratory issues and skin problems. If you are living with family members with asthma or eczema, then do not let mold grow inside your property.

Destruction of Appliances

It is dangerous to ignore water damage. If you do not fix water damage, the water can damage your electrical appliances. It can even make it risky to handle your electrical appliances. The consequences of water damage can be severe.

Collapsed or Decayed Walls

It is easy to deal with minor cracks in the foundations of your property. It is, however, harder to deal with collapsed or decayed walls. If you do not repair water damage quickly, then your walls can collapse or decay over time.

Bug Infestations

Standing water inside your property can attract bugs into your property. Bug infestations can cause more problems inside your home. Bacteria and algae thrive in stagnant water. Do not just rid of the bugs. It is much better to take care of the moist conditions.

Damage to Personal Items

Water can damage your personal items. If you do not repair water damage immediately, the water can damage your furniture, clothes, electronics, and even your important documents. It is expensive to replace some of your personal items. It is cheaper to fix water damage.

What Can I Recover in My Water Damage Claim?

Insurance policies are not the same. If you want to know what you can recover in your water damage claim, you can read and understand your insurance, talk to your insurance company, or even contact a good Miami water damage attorney to help you understand your policy.

Most home insurance policies cover water damage related to weather events, including hurricanes, tornados, hail, strong winds, and more. You can, therefore, file a water damage claim after these weather events. Unfortunately, home insurance policies do not usually cover flood damage.

Why Would My Water Damage Claim Get Denied?

It is your responsibility to repair and maintain your property. If your property suffers water damage because you did not repair or perform regular maintenance, then your insurance company can deny your water damage claim. You will have to use your own money to recover from the water damage.

In addition, your insurance company can deny your water damage claim if your property suffered water damage because of floodwater.

It is better to work with an experienced and skilled water damage lawyer to increase the chances of your success. Your lawyer can collect solid evidence to help you win your claim. If you have solid evidence, your insurance will have to pay for your water damage.

How Can a Miami Water Damage Attorney Help Me?

A homeowner’s insurance policy usually covers your property and other related expenses. It is, however, difficult to get compensation from the insurance company. Your water damage attorney can help you get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Your water damage lawyer can help identify how your insurance is liable for your water damage, explore options for a settlement with your insurer, hire specialists to estimate the value of your water damage, and represent you in court if they cannot reach an out-of-court agreement with your insurer.

Contact Klotzman Property Damage Law Today!

Water damage can completely change your life. It can leave you with huge financial losses. You might spend your savings to recover from water damage. Do not let water damage affect your life and the life of your loved ones. Your insurance company can pay for your water damage.

It is, however, not easy to get your insurer to pay for your water damage. That is why you should work with a good Miami water damage attorney. Your attorney can help you better understand your policy and fight for your rights. Hiring a good lawyer can increase your chances of getting what you rightfully deserve.

At Klotzman Property Damage Law in Miami, FL, our legal team is ready to work with you. We will not let you handle these complicated proceedings by yourself. We work with specialists to help determine the value of your losses. We will, then, negotiate with your insurance company to ensure you get the maximum settlement for your water damage.

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