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Miami Condo Insurance Lawyer

When a condo is destroyed, two insurance policies are often in place. The condo association accounts for the care of common elements, like the roof, walls, and structural parts. Condo owners have their insurance policy that covers the unit’s belongings. As you work to obtain a just settlement or recovery, you might profit from the advocacy, credibility, and attention to detail of a Klotzman Property Damage Law condominium insurance attorney, as the insurer’s primary objective is to frustrate your efforts.

Please don’t be afraid to contact a condominium insurance attorney if you’re unhappy with how your insurance company handles your claim. Our property damage lawyers can assist when your insurance company is not paying you enough, denying your claim, or taking too long. Our condo insurance lawyers in Miami have dealt with many condo damage claims. We don’t charge for initial consultations. Contact us at 954-915-7405 for a free case review!

Who Could Use The Help Of A Miami Condo Insurance Lawyer?

A Miami condominium insurance lawyer assists different parties involved in condo property damage claims and lawsuits. Such cases are usually complex, considering the damages are split between two policies using specific criteria. Typically, the following parties can benefit from the help of a Miami condo insurance lawyer from Klotzman Property Damage Law:

Individual Condo Owners

As an individual condo owner, you ought to obtain insurance to safeguard your property. Your belongings and any building components that aren’t protected by the HOA’s insurance will likely be covered. However, the plans may vary across various condo owners depending on how the design of the policy.

You might consider buying more insurance for your apartment to prevent a rejected claim. A condominium insurance lawyer at Klotzman Property Damage Law can help you with legal counsel on the ideal coverage for your property. We can also represent you were necessary during a case.

The Condo Association Or HOA

There are two forms of HOA insurance, commonly known as condo master policies: coverage for the studs and coverage for everything else. The policy covers common building issues like a damaged roof or a broken elevator. Even if the walls or floor weren’t appropriately constructed, as the condo owner, you are in charge of everything on your property. The primary structure of the building and the common areas are covered by all-inclusive coverage and the fittings and construction of your condo. You would still want property damage insurance, but since your condo would be insured, it would primarily cover your goods.

Typical HOA insurance policies cover damage to exterior structures, property, and shared areas. For instance, the HOA coverage might cover damage to the lobby in a smaller condo complex. A person’s liability is frequently protected even when they are not at home. The HOA policy may cover someone who sustains an injury in the communal pool in a large townhouse development. The HOA coverage might not fully cover extensive damage. The condo owners may be responsible for the difference in this situation.

Most rules for a condo association have to do with upkeep and maintenance, how long you can spend near shared facilities like the pool, whether or not you can smoke or vape on the property, and more. When you pay your HOA dues, the money goes toward things like security and surveillance services, HOA insurance (a master policy), and the care and improvement of shared facilities. A Miami condominium insurance lawyer can help an HOA association being wrongly sued to cover damages.

A flooded condo living room of someone that needs to call a Miami condo insurance lawyer

What Does Condo Insurance Typically Cover?

Even though a firm HOA master policy is required, each condo owner needs their insurance to be adequately protected. Condo insurance usually covers:

  • Personal property like furniture, TVs, clothes, cookware, dishes, rugs, musical instruments, and jewelry from theft and fire damage.
  • Repairs your condo’s internal walls and other interior fixtures like cupboards and built-in bookcases if they are damaged by a covered issue (like a fire).
  • The harm is done to other people by accident, like when a dog bites someone or a child accidentally kicks a soccer ball through a neighbor’s window.
  • Medical bills after a minor accident, like a guest slipping and falling on a wet kitchen floor.
  • Lodging, meals, laundry, and pet boarding if you can’t live in your condo because of a covered problem.

Condo policies can differ, so contact your insurance provider for exact details on your coverage.

Does My Homeowner’s Association Have Insurance That Covers Me?

Yes. Your HOA’s insurance will pay for any property damage in a shared area. For instance, suppose a tornado damages the roof of the clubhouse in your neighborhood; in that case, the HOA insurance will pay to fix or replace it. These shared areas include places like pools, sidewalks, and the fence around the community.

As with homeowner’s insurance, the damage must have happened without warning or being expected. If the damage to the property is caused by normal wear and tear or poor maintenance, the insurance company may not pay out.

What Is Covered By The Master Condo Insurance Policy?

A master condo insurance policy covers damages to the common areas and the structure’s construction as bought from the builder without improvements. For this reason, you are liable for the damages that might occur on your personal property in the unit. Some common areas include parks and swimming pools, a gym or event space, and an elevator. The regulation also holds for walkways, parking lots, and the surrounding environment.

However, some of the responsibility for common areas may fall to unit owners. This means that HOAs may require unit owners to pay the deductible if significant damage to a shared area occurs. A condominium insurance lawyer in Miami can further assist you in learning more about how a condo master insurance policy functions. Klotzman Property Damage Law will assist you in better comprehending new or existing policies and determining how to obtain the most comprehensive coverage.

What If I Am Being Held Liable For Costs My HOA Should Cover?

The HOA and the condo owners frequently disagree on who should bear the cost of certain damages. Similar to when cars collide, both drivers may attempt to blame the other for the collision and deny any responsibility. Unfortunately, damage to your apartment or certain building areas may not be as apparent as damage to a vehicle, which may be very problematic for condo owners.

It is crucial to speak with a Miami condo insurance lawyer as soon as possible to ensure your rights are upheld. You shouldn’t ever be responsible for paying for condo damage if you have insurance. Klotzman Property Damage Law condominium insurance attorneys have years of combined expertise defending condo owners against allegations made by HOAs. We will provide the assistance you need to obtain your case’s most favorable financial result.

What If My Insurance Company Denied My Claim?

Some insurance companies may deny your claim even if you have substantial proof. Below are the reasons why your insurance claim can be denied:

  • The insurance company did not agree with your claim about what caused the damage.
  • Another policy covers the damage. If you claim an individual condo owner, the insurance company may reject it because your HOA should be the one to do it, not you.
  • Failing to provide crucial information. Many insurance policies call for the policyholder and the insurance company to work together. If you don’t help them with their investigation, like by not giving them specific papers or information, they may turn down your claim.

Suppose your insurance company denies your claim after a disaster caused devastating damage to your condo. In that case, you must take careful notes at the scene and work with your Miami condo insurance attorney to get the best results. It would be best if you did the following to stop your claim from being turned down:

  • Take pictures or videos of the damage
  • Make a list of the things you own
  • Write down when and where the damage was done.
  • Look for pictures of the object before it gets broken
  • Get together all of the receipts and paperwork related to buying the apartment.
  • Get statements from witnesses

With valuable evidence, Klotzman Property Damage Law’s Miami condo insurance lawyers can assist in appealing a claim that has been turned down. We are skilled enough to fight aggressive insurance companies reluctant to pay for covered damages.

A Miami condo insurance lawyer meeting with a client

What Can A Condo Insurance Lawyer Do For You?

If your claim has already been denied or you’re worried that it will be, you can hire a condo insurance lawyer in Miami to help you with your case. Our skilled Miami condo insurance lawyers can help in:

  • Ensuring You Have An Insurance Cover: When filing condo property insurance claims, it might be hard to figure out what each policy covers. A Miami condo insurance lawyer can look at the problem in your condo complex and ensure that both the HOA policy and your condo insurance cover it.
  • Checking Out The Claim: Even though insurance companies may do their investigations, a condominium lawyer in Miami will undoubtedly conduct an independent investigation to ensure that your claim was handled correctly and in line with the terms of your policy. This could include the accuracy of the damage assessment, the total amount of losses listed in the claim, and whether the HOA or a specific policyholder will be in charge of overseeing or paying for the repairs.
  • Getting A Fair Settlement: For insurance companies, going to court over a claim for condo property insurance is expensive and takes a lot of time. A Miami condo insurance lawyer can help you work out a fair deal with the insurance company to get the money you need to pay for the repairs.

Get Assistance From A Miami Condo Insurance Lawyer At Klotzman Property Damage Law

According to Florida Condominium Data & Statistics, Florida is home to over 1.5 condos, with Miami accounting for 37% of these structures. However, most condos in Miami have suffered significant damage in the last several years, especially due to a high number of hurricanes.

Condo insurance policies are complex, even when you have a right to compensation for all insured damages. Klotzman Property Damage Law is here to assist you in recovering the maximum amount of compensation for your losses and safeguarding your rights by contesting the various justifications and exclusions that your insurance provider may use to delay or reject your valid claim.

Our condo insurance claims attorneys in Miami defend the rights of the residents who enjoy the low-maintenance lifestyle and first-rate security that come with living in a condo. We are prepared to review your condominium insurance claim to ensure you get the most out of their coverage. You can hire us on a contingency basis if, after consulting with us, you decide that you want us to represent you. We only get compensated if we win your case and the insurance company pays you for your losses and damages. Call us at 954-915-7405 to talk to a skilled condominium insurance lawyer.

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