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Miami Commercial Property Damage Lawyer

Commercial properties can sustain significant damage from a storm, a fire, or other considerable accidents or disasters. As a result, normal business operations such as cash flow and employment may be interrupted. Intelligent business owners purchase commercial property damage insurance to safeguard their companies in such incidents.

This way, they can always get compensated when their commercial properties are harmed to recover the losses. However, insurers may delay, contest, or deny claims for damage to commercial property, provide inadequate payments, or otherwise behave in bad faith.

Talk to an experienced Miami commercial property damage lawyer if your company or business is having issues with a commercial insurance provider in Miami, Florida, after commercial property damage. The devoted insurance claims attorneys in Miami at Klotzman Property Damage Law know all facets of Florida insurance law.

They are equipped to deal with claims of bad faith insurance brought against insurance providers. We can assist you with your commercial property insurance claim in any commercial insurance claim in Miami, Florida. Call us at 954-915-7405 for a free case review.

Common Causes Of Commercial Property Damage In Florida

Businesses may safeguard their financial stability by purchasing insurance that covers losses or damage due to accidents, fires, water damage, hurricanes, windstorms, and other events. Commercial property damage insurance is designed to assist a company in recovering financially from a catastrophe or accident so it won’t lose money due to a short-term setback. Some of the common commercial property damage causes in Florida include:

Commercial insurance providers examine every aspect of a claim since commercial property loss is much more complex than damage to residential or personal property. This process can sometimes take years.

As a commercial property insurance policyholder in Miami, Florida, you should speak with a Miami commercial property damage lawyer to hasten the settlement of your claim or file a lawsuit against the insurer if the latter acts in bad faith. Our commercial property damage attorneys in Miami will assist you in getting your company back on its feet once the damage has occurred.

Commercial property damage insurance is designed to assist a company in recovering financially from a catastrophe or accident so it won't lose money due to a short-term setback.

What Do I Do After My Property Has Been Damaged?

Policyholders frequently have high expectations that their claims will be processed fairly and that business can resume as soon as feasible when damage to a commercial building occurs. However, this isn’t always the case, and many property owners will struggle to secure the funding they require to repair the damage. Claim payments frequently stop, making it impossible for business owners to operate their enterprises and for severely damaged commercial assets to be used for extended periods. So, you should do this if your commercial property is damaged in Miami, FL.

  1.  Find Out What The Policy Includes And Excludes: Commercial property owners may be very knowledgeable about their industry, but it does not necessarily mean they are knowledgeable about insurance. This frequently occurs because insurance contracts are drafted in great depth and contain several terms and limitations that the policyholder may not be aware of.
    Claiming property damage can be exceedingly challenging if you don’t understand your policy. You should carefully review your commercial insurance policy to prevent this. Consider consulting with an experienced Miami commercial property damage lawyer during this procedure. The expert can provide helpful information about the policy and highlight any gaps in coverage that may complicate your claim.
  2.  Keep The Damaged Items Secure: One of the most crucial provisions of an insurance policy is that property owners must act quickly to prevent further damage to their commercial property. While the claim is being investigated, you should make arrangements to safeguard it from additional harm.
    The insurance provider might outright reject the claim, for instance, if a hurricane, hailstorm, or tornado destroyed the roof of a commercial building and the roof was subsequently left exposed to the elements, resulting in additional damage to the building’s interior.
  3.  Inform The Insurance Provider: You should notify your insurance provider as soon as possible after experiencing property damage. This is because claims are significantly settled more quickly when the actual event only caused the harm. The insurance company may doubt the severity of the damage and what caused it if you fail to reply to a property damage claim within a reasonable amount of time.

You are required to provide timely notice under various commercial insurance policies. Just as the Florida Insurance Code obligates insurers to handle claims promptly, policyholders are required to notify their insurers of damage within a reasonable length of time. The insurance provider might decline to pay the claim if it isn’t submitted within a reasonable period.

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How Much Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover?

Commercial property damage insurance shields your company’s finances against systematic risks like property damage, and other unforeseeable disasters. Here is what the policy covers for hotels, restaurants, and other businesses.


A commercial insurance policy for a hotel typically includes property and general liability coverage. Still, it can also have coverage for cyber liability, employment practices liability insurance (EPLI), and other types of insurance. These guidelines can be modified to meet the demands and dangers of the hotel industry.


Commercial property insurance protects your restaurant against theft, water damage, vandalism, and restaurant fires. Consider your property, stock, and equipment when determining how much company insurance you require. In other words, you should purchase $500,000 in insurance if the value of your food, beverages, equipment, and tables is $500,000.

Other Types Of Businesses

A business commercial property insurance will cover the cost of replacement or repairs if your business property is lost, stolen, or harmed by an event covered by your policy. In a business owner policy, commercial property insurance is often combined with general liability insurance and business interruption insurance (BOP).

Who Is Responsible For Commercial Property Damage?

You need to know your landlord’s liability so they can’t shift it to you if you end up in commercial property damage. The lease terms are often spelled out in the contract, and occasionally they are included among the benefits a landlord provides to entice tenants to rent their property.

For instance, a lease may provide that tenants are liable for necessary repairs, provided that the property is frequently inspected and confirmed to be in acceptable condition. You should consult professional commercial property damage attorneys in Miami to help you understand the lease terms; otherwise, you might be held liable for costly commercial property damage.

Most jurisdictions hold landlords liable for structural repairs, including everything that prevents the structure from collapsing. Landlords are also held accountable for property damage that results in an occupant’s injuries.

In general, it is not the tenant’s responsibility to fix the property if someone gets wounded because it is in poor condition, though this again relies on the lease. You should consult a specialist about this before signing the lease.

Common Problems With Commercial Property Claims

Commercial property damage claims face many problems as most insurance providers harden the process of obtaining a settlement. Some of these issues include:

Coverage Disputes

The insurance company may inquire about who was at blame and the extent of the harm when you file a claim for property damage. At first, they might claim that your insurance does not cover your loss, and even if they eventually accept the blame, they frequently argue about how much compensation you should receive.

Since insurance policies are incredibly complex legal documents, key terms are commonly hidden in dense legalese.

Our commercial property damage attorneys in Miami can read and comprehend insurance contracts for you to utilize the coverage you purchased and paid for.

The Valued Policy Law, which ensures policyholders the actual amount of loss up to the full policy value in the event of a total loss from a covered peril or even a partial loss from fire or lightning, is one of the crucial Florida insurance laws that we are aware of and are adept at calculating the value of a property.

Although the insurance company might prefer that you rebuild at their expense, we know the laws and rights they are not disclosing to you.

Damage Disputes

Businesses might lose money or even go out of business when insurance companies deny claims or pay payments improperly. The insurance limitations may not be sufficient to restore the business to its pre-loss condition when insurers behave this way. In such cases, the insurance provider may be held liable, and the damages may exceed the policy limitations.

Our Miami commercial property damage insurance lawyers are always willing to help as they know how trying this circumstance is for you. We are aware of the stress that can result when an insurance provider tries to avoid paying for losses and damages they caused.

Bad Faith Claims

Not all issues with insurance companies are resolved honestly. It is reasonable to anticipate that they will thoroughly examine your claim to ensure its validity and that they only pay what is required.
However, insurance firms can be held accountable for the harm they create by acting in bad faith if activities are performed solely to deny or pay a claim in part.

Klotzman Property Damage Law’s commercial property damage attorneys in Miami can challenge insurance companies that don’t handle property damage claims in good faith.

How Much Return Can I Expect From A Commercial Property Damage Claim?

The proprietors of a business may feel a lot of worry if their property is damaged. It is essential to investigate the entire piece of property, even if it appears to be the only one that has been harmed, to ensure that the insurance claim is thorough and accurate.

Business owners must first understand how to calculate the value of their commercial property damage claim to do this effectively.

When establishing your business property insurance policy, you should consider both the sort of coverage you desire and the value of your company’s buildings and property. The replacement cost or the cash value is the two payment options for items lost due to a covered risk.

If you have a policy with replacement cost coverage, it will reimburse you for the total cost of repairing or replacing any lost products or property. Depreciation will be considered if you opt to be compensated for the actual worth of the assets or building.

In other words, if your claim is approved and your equipment loses value over time, you will be compensated. Make sure the corporate policy aligns with your needs and the organization’s needs.

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How Commercial Property Lawyers At Klotzman Property Damage Law Can Help You

Commercial property damage insurance claims are customarily faced with various disputes, such as bad faith claims, among other challenges. Insurance claims attorneys in Miami deal with multiple issues affecting commercial properties. At Klotzman Property Damage Law, our Miami commercial property damage lawyer can help you with:

  •  Establishing interim financing to enable the relocation of offices, warehouses, and industries as necessary.
  •  Managing urgent tasks, including asbestos management, electrical safety, and temporary roofing.
  •  Discuss interim payments to pay for things like stocking up on supplies, paying workers, and updating computers and equipment.
  •  Assessing and compiling your insurance claim by determining the value of your business interruption claim and considering lost profits and increased labor costs.
  •  Filing a lawsuit against the responsible parties
  •  Settling your claim and obtaining a verdict against your insurance provider for the entire sum you are entitled to.

In other words, we handle everything from start to finish and make sure you get paid. You are always welcome to contact us. We can take over even if you’ve already begun filing your claim or are dissatisfied with the settlement you’ve already obtained. Reopening disputes that have already been poorly settled is one of our strengths.

Seek Professional Legal Assistance From Our Miami Commercial Property Damage Lawyer

Disasters and other unforeseen events can affect your firm in Miami, Florida. Unfortunately, you can never predict when an incident or damage will occur on your commercial property. When these things happen, you must be confident that your insurance provider will pay the entire cost of your commercial property insurance claim.

Insurance providers have a poor track record of being denied, delayed, and underpaid by commercial property insurance claims. Insurance companies will hunt for any way to avoid paying these claims because they may be valuable. Therefore, you might wish to enlist the aid of a Miami commercial property damage lawyer.

At Klotzman Property Damage Law, our commercial property damage attorneys in Miami have years of expertise negotiating and disputing these kinds of claims. We offer the expertise, know-how, and experience necessary to work with insurance providers and assist them in reaching an amicable settlement.

Contact us at 954-915-7405 for a free consultation and case review.

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