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Having your property damaged or lost because of a hurricane brings on waves of emotions. Although hurricanes are not the most frequent natural disasters, they do happen and bring their devastation. However, the million-dollar question is; what should you do after a hurricane has damaged your property? Well, below are the steps to take:


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What Is The Difference Between Hurricane Water Damage And Hurricane Flood Damage?

Research shows that approximately 14,000 people in the U.S. experience water damage emergencies every day. On the other hand, 98% of basements have suffered from some kind of water damage in their lifetime. However, many people confuse the difference between hurricane water damage and flood damage. It is wise to understand the difference between the two for insurance purposes. In other words, insurance companies take the two as two different policies.


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Places You Need To Inspect On Your Property After A Hurricane

It is wise to inspect your home for any damage after a hurricane. You should do this carefully. Industry professionals recommend starting from the roof and working your way down. If your roof is high and too steep, we recommend seeking the services of a professional. Remember, your safety should be paramount. While inspecting the roof check carefully at every vent, chimney, flashing, and other areas. The goal is to check for any loose or missing shingles. 

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