In the Aftermath of Hurricane Ian, has your settlement exceeded the 90-day threshold?
Klotzman Property Damage is Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week to Help in Your Time of Crisis.

Hurricane Prep #1 Tip

It seems that everyone these days is a photographer. At the very least, taking photos has never been easier with access to cell phones. Law Offices of Scott Klotzman, P.A. have an easy reminder for all property owners.

NOW IS THE TIME to document your property. Storm season is acting up and we want you to be prepared. Our insurance lawyers say, “taking inventory will save you a headache if you are hit by a storm.”

In addition to taking photos of your personal contents, include the walls, the ceilings, everything! Yes, everything. This could save policyholders big time if you need to file an property damage insurance claim.

  • Take photos & video by walking from room to room.
  • Review the footage and create a written inventory list, too.

Save our information in the event you need support. We strive to support our Florida neighbors before, during, and after severe Florida weather that can impact property. Our insurance attorneys strive to provide the legal support needed to fight insurance companies, restore your home and peace of mind.

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