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Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are among the most common accidents in Florida. You may be entitled to receive payment for all the suffering you may have endured after being in a car accident. Insurance companies are not always willing to pay car accident victims, so it would be best to work with a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer to recover full damages.

Getting legal help ensures you have a winning chance at recovering damages for any injuries or losses you may have suffered in the accident. It also lets you focus on your recovery and removes the stress of dealing with ruthless insurers. At Klotzman Property Damage Law, our car accident lawyers are skilled and have a proven track record of successfully helping victims recover maximum compensation. 

Our skilled car accident attorneys will review your case and determine your options and whether you should file for a claim. Call 954-915-7405 us today to book a free initial consultation.

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Car Accident Statistics

Most car accidents often result in the victims suffering catastrophic injuries and, in some cases, death. Below are some Florida car accident statistics:

– According to a study by Money Greek, between 2017 and 2019, drunk driving caused or contributed to 20% of car accidents in Florida. Fatigue, speeding, and distracted driving are also significant factors contributing to car accidents in the state.

– According to the FLHSMV, about 40% of car accidents in Florida often result in injuries

– Per FLHSMV, there was a total of 2,917 fatal car accidents in 2018 and a notable rise to 3,459 fatal car accidents in 2019

How Much Does A Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

There is no standard cost for a car accident lawyer in Florida. Your case’s facts will determine how much you pay a car accident attorney to offer you legal representation. At Klotzman Property Damage Law, we offer our clients a contingency fee payment method.

With our contingency fee plan, you do not have to pay anything upfront; instead, you will pay us a percentage of your claim after we help you win your case. We also offer our clients a free initial, no-obligation consultation where we assess their case to determine whether or not they have a strong case. Reach out to us to learn more about how much your car accident case may cost.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

Getting into a car accident may leave you shaken up. If you have not sustained severe injuries, it is best to do the following:

– Contact police:

 It is in your best interest to contact the police after getting into a car accident. They will come to the accident scene to assess the damage and write a detailed report that will be useful when you file your claim.

– Check on other involved parties (do not leave):

 Once you have confirmed that you have not sustained any substantial injuries, consider checking on the other involved parties. Call an ambulance if they have suffered serious injuries, and ensure you do not leave the accident scene until the police have taken a report. 

– Exchange info: 

Always exchange important details with the other involved party since it makes it easier to track them down when you file a claim. The information worth exchanging includes their insurer, policy information, name, address, and license number.

– Record the scene: 

If you can, it will be best to record the scene of the accident by taking pictures and videos of any injuries sustained and damages suffered. Consider asking someone to document the accident scene if you are incapacitated. 

– Never admit fault: 

You must not admit fault to the other involved party even if you are partly to blame for the accident. 

– Seek medical attention: 

Ensure you seek immediate medical attention after getting into a car accident, even if you have not sustained any physical injuries. Failure to seek immediate medical attention may discredit your claim later since the insurers may claim that your injuries are from a prior medical condition.

– Call a car accident lawyer: 

Ensure you call a car accident lawyer immediately after being in a car accident. A skilled lawyer will analyze your case, help you establish whether or not you have a strong case, and also go over your available options.

What Is the Average Settlement One Can Receive for a Car Accident?

Each car accident case in Fort Lauderdale is unique, meaning there is no specific standard average settlement for a car accident case. For instance, a person who suffers minor injuries and a person who becomes disabled after getting into a car accident will receive different amounts of compensation. The damages and injuries you suffer will typically influence the damages you receive.

When Should One Hire a Lawyer for Their Auto Accident?

consulting with a car accident lawyer

We recommend you get a lawyer immediately after you get involved in a car accident. Hiring a lawyer ensures you have expert legal representation and a fighting chance at recovering maximum damages. It also allows you to take time to recuperate while your lawyer goes against the insurance companies on your behalf

Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

There are multiple reasons why it is essential to seek legal help from a skilled car accident lawyer after getting into an accident. These include:

Case Preparation/ Filing a Lawsuit

A car accident lawyer will help you collect evidence that may be useful for your case. Once they build a strong case, they will help you file your claim, ensuring you follow all the appropriate steps and it is done before the statute of limitation expires.

Settlement Negotiation

Insurance companies are often ruthless and will do everything to avoid paying you, and when they do, they give you lowball offers. Without experience or legal assistance, going against them can be frustrating. An experienced car accident lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and ensure they offer you the maximum settlement.

Trial Preparation & Representation

The case will proceed to trial if your car accident lawyer fails to reach a satisfactory settlement with the insurance company. They will help you prepare for trial and represent you in court, ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.

How Much Can I Expect To Receive For My Damages?

There is no specific amount set aside for car accident victims to receive as damages after an accident. The losses and injuries you suffer from the accident will significantly influence how much you receive. Although, specific factors may influence how much you receive for your damages.

These include:

– Liability

– The extent of the injuries suffered

– Age

– The extent of damages suffered

What Types Of Damages Can I Receive?

The type of damages you are entitled to will vary depending on the unique factors surrounding your car accident. The types of damages you may be able to pursue and obtain after a car accident include:

1. Economic

Economic damages can easily be categorized as damage whose value can be equated to a specific amount of money. You can be liable to receive economic damages after you provide receipts of the expenses you incurred due to the accident. Economic damages include loss of income, property damage, and medical expenses.

2. Non-economic

Non-economic damages are often harder to calculate since they are unequal to monetary value. The court often chooses a figure they deem fit to compensate you for suffering this damage. Non-economic damages include loss of consortium, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, and pain and suffering.

3. Punitive

It is rare for a Florida court to award punitive damages in a car accident unless the defendant is guilty of gross misconduct. Punitive damages are not designed to be an award for the victim; rather, they are meant to punish the offer and warn the masses from acting similarly. A court may choose to award punitive damages in a case where the defendant was driving under the influence, which resulted in a car accident.

How is Fault Determined?

In Fort Lauderdale and across Florida, four elements can help determine fault in a car accident. These elements are:

– Duty of care: All drivers owe other road users the duty of care to drive reasonably and safely. After getting into a car accident, it helps to work with a skilled car accident lawyer since they can help you prove that the at-fault party owed you a duty of care.

– Breach of duty: Once you prove that the other driver owed a duty of care, you will have to prove that by not upholding their duty of care, they were in breach of duty of care.

– Causation: You ought to prove that by breaching their duty of care, the other driver’s actions directly caused the injuries and losses you suffered in the accident.

– Damages: The driver will be held liable and must pay you damages once you have proved that their actions directly resulted in you suffering losses and injuries in the car accident.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

While you must seek immediate medical assistance after a car accident, remember that there is a time limit to filing your car accident claim. 

The statute of limitation for filing your car accident lawsuit, seeking compensation from the at-fault party, in Florida is four years from the date of the accident. Failure to file your claim within the statute of limitation means you permanently lose your right to seek compensation from the at-fault party for any injuries or losses you may have suffered.

If you have been involved in a car accident, you must immediately talk to a car accident lawyer and start your car accident claim. Working with an experienced car accident attorney will also ensure that you follow the appropriate steps of filing your car accident claim before the statute of limitation expires.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me File My Insurance Claim?

It is in your best interest to work with a skilled car accident lawyer when filing your claim since they will make it easier to navigate the process. Here are the different ways a lawyer can help you file your insurance claim:

– Contact your insurer: Our skilled Fort Lauderdale attorneys will contact your insurer within a reasonable time and inform them about the car accident.

– Send reports: Your car accident lawyer will send the relevant reports to your insurer on your behalf, including your medical records.

– Talk to the insurance adjuster: At Klotzman Property Damage Law, our attorney will talk to the insurance adjuster in your place.

– Car assessment: You do not have to use the mechanic recommended by the insurance company. Instead, we will give you another mechanic who will thoroughly assess any damage that may have occurred to your car during the accident.

– Collect evidence: Our knowledgeable attorneys will collect and compile evidence about the crash and send it to the insurer.

– Send the other party’s insurer a demand letter: The car accident lawyers at Klotzman Property Damage Law will evaluate and determine the value of the damages suffered, then send the at-fault party’s insurer a demand letter.

– File a lawsuit: Our skilled lawyers will ensure you file your claim following the appropriate steps and within the statute of limitations.

What Can I Do If Insurance Denied My Claim?

Insurance companies can deny your claim for a range of reasons, including:

– Inconsistencies in your original insurance application

– Intentional misconduct

– Your claim is worth more than your coverage

– Fault

The skilled Florida car accident attorneys at Klotzman Property Damage Law can help you if insurance has denied your claim. We will carefully review your case to establish why your claim was denied and then help you seek maximum damages.

Do I Have A Case?

If you want to determine whether you have a strong case, consult our skilled car accident lawyers, who will analyze your case. Different factors will determine if you have a case, including the following:

– The other party owns up to being responsible

– The other party breached their duty of care

– The injuries and damages you suffered were a result of the other party’s negligence

Talk to us today in a 100% free consultation to find out if you have a case. 

What if the Other Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance?

It is common to get into a car accident with someone without car insurance. This can be stressful for all the involved parties as such cases are often complicated to navigate. If the other driver is uninsured, your options include the following:

– Pursue a car accident claim for property damage and personal injury: It will be best to hire a skilled car accident lawyer to help you file the claim if you do not have Uninsured motorist coverage (UMI).

– UMI: If you carry a UMI and get into a car accident with an uninsured driver, you can file for a car accident claim with your insurer. Your insurance company will cover the sustained damages and seek compensation from the uninsured driver. In Florida, a UMI will cover you if you get into a car accident with a driver who has no insurance or has too little insurance.

How Can I Obtain an Accident Report?

In Florida, car accident reports can take up to 10 days to be available for the parties involved in the accident and other particular parties that may be highlighted in the statute. This report is not accessible to the masses for 60 days from the day the report was filed. You can purchase your car accident report online from FLHSMV’s portal.

Each report costs $10.00 and will be immediately available online after purchase but must be downloaded within 48 hours of the request. You can also request the report in person or by mail. Payment still applies for reports requested in person or by mail.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents typically result in severe injuries that could forever change one’s life. Here are some common car accident injuries:

– Brain injuries: One is likely to sustain a brain injury if one suffers a blow to the head during a car accident. Brain injuries are serious and can lead to memory loss problems or permanent disability.

– Back injuries: One may suffer a back injury, leaving them with chronic back problems.

– Internal injuries: After getting into a car accident, some individuals do not seek immediate medical check-ups, especially if they have not sustained physical injuries. People often forget that one can sustain internal injuries, which, if left unchecked, can result in serious health problems and even death in case of internal bleeding that goes unnoticed.

– Spinal cord injuries: One can suffer a spinal cord injury after getting into a car accident. This is a serious injury that usually results in permanent disability.

– Death: Some car accidents often result in death. Should you lose your loved one in a fatal car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to file a wrongful death claim. 

– Neck injuries

– Head injuries 

– Facial disfigurement

– Leg & knee injuries

Types Of Car Accidents We Handle

At Klotzman Property Damage Law, our skilled car accident attorneys have extensive experience handling a wide range of car accidents, including the following:

– Driving under the influence accidents (drinking & drugs): A significant amount of car accidents are usually a result of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you are involved in a driving under the influence car accident, get in touch with our lawyers. We have worked on different driving under the influence cases and will help you seamlessly navigate your case.

– Distracted driving: You must pay attention on the road since a single minute of inattention can result in a catastrophic accident. Contact our car accident lawyers if you have been involved in a distracted driving accident. We have extensive experience working on similar cases.

– Head-on collisions: While these accidents are a rare occurrence, when they do happen, they are often fatal. We have a proven track record of offering our clients legal help to help them navigate a head-on-collision car accident case.

– Hit & run accidents: These accidents are not uncommon and can be difficult to navigate since the at-fault party is often nowhere to be found. Contact our attorneys and let us help you navigate a hit-and-run accident and receive justice and compensation.

– Rear-end accidents: Several factors contribute to rear-end accidents, including driver inattention, panic stops, and tailgating. Let us analyze your case and help you establish the at-fault party if you are involved in a rear-end accident.

– Reckless driving: If you are involved in a reckless driving accident, you must immediately contact a lawyer and seek legal representation. These accidents are often severe and, in some cases, fatal.

– Rideshare accidents: With a rampant rise of rideshare companies, there has been a notable rise in these types of accidents. Navigating a rideshare accident can be complicated, but with the help of our skilled attorneys, it does not have to be complicated. Let us offer you legal representation if you have been in a rideshare accident.

-Rollover accidents: Rollover car accidents have a high rate of fatality than any other type of car accident. Contact our team and let us offer you legal counsel and representation if you have been involved in a rollover accident.

– Speeding accidents: Speeding is illegal and is tragically a common cause of car accidents. It helps to contact an attorney if you are involved in a speeding accident.

– Uninsured motorists: Navigating car accidents involving the uninsured can be challenging and frustrating, especially if you do it without legal representation. Let our team of experienced car accident attorneys handle your uninsured motorist car accident and relieve you of that stress.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer for a Free Consultation 

Car accidents can result in severe injuries that might significantly impact the victim’s quality of life and life trajectory. Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can take a huge toll on one mentally, physically, and financially. Even worse, the victim may have to face up against insurance companies that will further frustrate them and not offer much compensation.

You do not have to go against insurance companies alone. Let the experienced Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers at Klotzman Property Damage Law help you build a strong case to ensure the insurance company pays your maximum damages. Call us at 954-915-7405 today to book a free initial appointment with our dedicated, highly skilled, and reputable car accident attorneys.

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