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Florida Mold Damage Lawyer

Mold has caused significant health problems, deaths, and financial strains in the US. People have been ill for years without explanation, only to discover that mold caused their ailments. Typically, toxic mold can cause infections, allergies, and skin irritations.

Toxic mold can adversely affect you and your family, especially when you reside in a mold-infested home. Besides affecting your health, it can take a great toll on your finances, especially when it affects your indoor property. A Florida mold damage lawyer can help you navigate this situation.

You can file a claim against the negligent landlord if you or a family member has been sickened by toxic mold. Klotzman Property Damage Law in Florida can assist you in negotiating fair compensation. Our property damage lawyers are extremely experienced in dealing with cases like yours. Contact us at 954-915-7405 for a free case evaluation.

What Should I Do If My Home Has A Mold Problem?

You should have your home looked out for as soon as you suspect there may be mold there. Take the following actions immediately:

  •  Take photos and videos: You should immediately take photos and videos of any water damage, property damage, or other issues that may have contributed to the issue. The images and video can serve as evidence in your defense.
  •  Examine the property: Use a trustworthy testing organization to learn how much, what sort, and how bad the mold is on the property. You might require a microbiologist or industrial hygienist to remove mold from your place of business or employment.
  •  Notify the landlord or property manager: You should always communicate in writing with your landlord or property management and preserve thorough records of any written correspondence. You might have a case if the landlord knew the issue before renting the house.
  •  Keep a detailed record: Make a list of everything that mold has destroyed or damaged and keep all receipts. They are important in negotiating compensation.
  •  Get medical help immediately: If you get ill from exposure to toxic mold, you need to seek immediate medical attention. If you can, speak with a physician who treats mold-related illnesses, such as a pulmonologist, allergist, or toxicologist.
  •  Contact a property damage lawyer: If you cannot agree with the property manager, consider contacting a Florida mold damage lawyer at Klotzman Property Damage Law to help you file a lawsuit.

A woman with mold in her home who needs to call a Florida mold damage lawyer

What Are Some Common Causes Of Mold?

Mold can develop on anything, including paper, food, clothing, and carpet. It can also develop in areas that are difficult to detect, such as behind drywall, inside walls, around pipes, and on ceiling tiles. Mold issues are challenging to resolve and can lead to irritants, allergies, and, in a small percentage of cases, poisons that are harmful to your health. Some of the most typical causes of mold are listed below:

  • Leaking Pipes: Leaking pipes are among the main causes of mold growth in cabinets beneath sinks and behind walls. They can also lead to mold growth on your walls and ceilings. Leaks might occur from your geyser or the pipes in your roof. If any of these areas have mold growth, you should inspect your pipes for leakage.
  • Wet Basement: Basements inherently experience greater moisture because they are below ground. They are also more prone to excessive humidity levels because there isn’t adequate ventilation or airflow. For this reason, mold will grow wherever there is water and high humidity.
  • Condensation: Condensation may accumulate on cold surfaces in your home throughout the winter due to temperature variations. Metal pipes, concrete floors, floor tiles, and even brick walls are examples of cold surfaces. If condensation appears to be a significant issue in your home, ensure that each area receives sufficient airflow to remove the moisture.
  • Hurricane Water Damage: A hurricane can bring water into your house to cause significant damage and mold growth. Hurricane water can enter your home through the roof, windows, doors, or flooding. Mold will develop in such circumstances, even if you cannot see or smell it. In addition, the water can damage electronics, furniture, walls, carpets, and floors.

What Is Needed For A Mold Damage Lawsuit?

You might be able to bring a lawsuit if you discover poisonous mold in your home, especially if the house is experiencing moisture and humidity issues. You need to inform the insurance provider in a fair amount of time if you submit a mold-related insurance claim. If you don’t, the insurance provider may claim that you waited too long and that the adjusters could not conduct a swift and thorough examination.

You should be aware that Florida regulations require you to file a lawsuit within a set deadline after discovering the problem if insurance (at least your own) does not cover the mold problem or you want to skip the insurance claim procedure and go straight to court.

You should seek legal counsel from a professional Florida mold damage lawyer if you have concerns about a potential case involving hazardous mold-related health issues or property damage.

How Does Mold Affect My Family And Me?

Whether it’s the fuzzy white patches on your basement floor, the slimy black spots on your shower curtain or the slippery orange film that accumulates on your kitchen drain, mold in your house is more than simply an eyesore. In rare situations, mold in your house could make you ill if you have allergies or asthma. Here is how mold can affect you and your family:


Unattended mold damage can seriously harm your health, home, or other property. The home might be marked as uninhabitable if there is extensive mold damage, which can result in significant financial complications. Besides, property with mold damage might be difficult to sell, and many insurance companies will refuse to pay out on such a claim.

Toxic Mold Syndrome

Toxic mold results from volatile organic compounds produced as mold spores multiply. These chemicals, which can harm the mental and respiratory systems, can cause catastrophic harm to you and your family. Toxic mold syndrome may result in vomiting, hives, asthma, a runny nose, a persistent cough, quick or difficult breathing, and skin rashes. Long-term exposure to toxic mold can cause more severe symptoms, including lethargy, disorientation, memory loss, and even infertility.

How Can A Mold Damage Lawyer From Klotzman Property Damage Law Help With A Claim?

Mold can lead to major health issues like asthma, breathing difficulties, and other lung issues. Older persons and young children are more in danger. Additionally, it can significantly affect your finances, especially when seeking medical services or repairing damaged property.

Our mold damage lawyers in Florida can assist you to:

Document the necessities

We can assist you in documenting important notes to use as evidence in court. Such notes include mold signs in your home, health implications, and structural damage related to mold.

Pursue the responsible parties

We will notify the parties responsible for ensuring that your property is mold free about your claim. Such parties may include the landlord, property manager, or insurance company. We will take the case to court if we cannot settle for a fair settlement.

Take the case to court

Sometimes, the responsible parties are reluctant to pay for the damages caused by their negligence. When this happens, we represent you in court and ensure that the negligent party pays for the damages. Please contact Klotzman property damage law if you are experiencing problems getting your homeowner’s, business owner’s, condo, or apartment insurance company to pay for mold damage.

Contact A Florida Mold Damage Lawyer Today

Toxic mold causes health and property hazards. The courts will hold individuals responsible for building or maintaining the moldy structure liable, whether you’re at work or in a rented home. You can submit a claim for the physiological and psychological damage caused by mold exposure.

Our Florida mold damage lawyers can help you decide what to do when mold infests your home. Klotzman Property Damage Law can help you seek compensation through your insurance company or pursue damages from liable landlords, home sellers, contractors, builders, and other firms. Contact us at 954-915-7405 for a free initial consultation.

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