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Was your home built before 1975? If your answer is, “YES” there is a good chance that you have a cast iron piping & plumbing system. Cast Iron pipes have a lifespan and can eventually fail over time. This will cause damage for property owners.

  • How do homeowners know what kind of pipes they have?
  • How will you know if your pipes are failing?
  • What will you do when your pipes have gone bad?

Discoloration in water/Rust

Lines will corrode over time. Property owners will notice a brownish/yellow flow of water when they turn on their faucets, showers or hoses. What’s most likely causing this issue is your cast iron plumbing has begun to rust and deteriorate.

Slow Drain

Cracks and breaks inside a cast iron drain line many times causes blockage in your drain which disallows water to smoothly drain at its natural rate.

Plumbing Backups

Many times cast iron pipes break internally where debris gets jammed inside the line. When this occurs it may force water to back up.

Foul Smells

Cast Iron Pipes that have cracked or that are failing often cause the release of sewage gasses.

Wet Floors, Walls and Puddles

A common occurrence of a cast iron plumbing failure is wet floors, wall and puddles. Water is general not stationary when a pipe has cracked or gone bad. Water will travel and find its settling point. Many property owners who’s cast iron pipes have failed will notice random wet spots and puddles throughout their property. This is not limited to just the interior of your property, you should also pay attention to random puddles and wet areas in the exterior of your property.


Mold can grow very easily, all it takes is humidity, moisture and a lack of ventilation. The location of most plumbing systems are in areas of high humidity and low ventilation. When cast iron pipes crack or break and release water into this type of environment many times mold develops due to the atmosphere and location of the water exposure.

Foundation issues

Water exposure over time from a broken pipe may compromise the structural integrity of your properties foundation. Many time property owners notice their floor sinking in areas throughout their property. This type of sagging may occur not only inside but also outside as well.

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