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What Kind of Commercial Property Insurance Will Protect You from Burglary Damages?

If you operate a business in Miami, then you should carry commercial property insurance. Even if you didn’t want to pay for insurance, your investors or lenders may require it. For the most part, if your business suffers some sort of property damage, your commercial policy should cover it.

However, sometimes, that isn’t the case. They may deny your claim outright. Or your specific policy may not cover things like damage caused during a burglary. Our Miami commercial property damage lawyers have met with many clients over the years who almost lost their businesses due to a burglary. The good news is that you can supplement your commercial property insurance with commercial crime insurance.

If you have supplemental insurance and your claim is still not paid, it’s a good idea to contact our office. Even if you’ve already filed an appeal, you should still have an experienced Miami property damage lawyer review your policy and claim.

Sometimes, the mere fact that you’ve hired an attorney can be enough to convince the insurance adjuster to pay your claim. If not, then your Miami property damage lawyer can always file suit on your behalf.

Here, we will talk about how supplemental commercial crime insurance can help cover the damage caused by a burglary. We will also explain how a Miami property damage lawyer can help you if your claim is denied for some reason. If you still have questions about your own claim, give us a call.

Your Commercial Property Insurance Should Cover Most of the Damage

Most businesses carry commercial property insurance. This insurance typically covers any damage caused to your business or commercial property in a storm or other devastating event. Depending on the specifics of your policy, you may be protected in the event of a robbery or burglary.

For example, if a thief or would-be robber smashes your windows, you should be reimbursed for whatever it costs to replace them. The same would be true for any doors that were damaged during the break-in. It all depends on your policy and the nature and extent of the damage.

There is also the chance that your commercial property insurance covers the value of items stolen or destroyed. When you purchase your policy, you choose whatever policy limits and coverage you wish to maintain for your business.

The problem is that there is always the chance that the insurance carrier will deny your claim. Our Miami property damage lawyers see it more often than you may think. That’s why it’s a good idea to back up your general policy with commercial crime insurance.

A burglar breaking into a business

You Can Also Buy Supplemental Commercial Crime Insurance

When our Miami property damage lawyers first meet with a new client, they always ask them what kind of insurance they have. Our clients usually bring a copy of their insurance policy with them to their free, initial consultation. They also bring us a copy of their claim and letter of denial.

When we ask them if they have commercial crime insurance, they sometimes tell us they’ve never heard of such a thing. They usually assume that their commercial property insurance will cover any losses suffered by a burglary or robbery. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Many business owners in Miami, Florida choose to purchase supplemental commercial crime insurance. This sort of insurance is designed to protect you and your business from the following types of losses:

  • Physical property damage caused by a robber or intruder
  • The cost of repairs to your windows, doors, or other fixtures
  • The value of the cash and merchandise that was stolen may be covered
  • Damage to any personal property that was damaged or destroyed during the burglary

As important as it is for you to know what commercial crime insurance covers, you should also be aware of what isn’t covered:

  • Your policy will not cover any lost income on behalf of you or your employees
  • Damage caused to third-party property damage

When you meet with your Miami property damage lawyer, let them know what your policy covers. They can always read the fine print, but it’s also important to know what you think your policy covers.

Can a Miami Property Damage Lawyer Help if Your Claim is Denied?

If your commercial crime insurance carrier denies your claim, you won’t have long to file an appeal. You should contact one of our Miami property damage lawyers as soon as possible after the event. We suggest that business owners who have suffered a burglary or theft contact us immediately after the robbery.

There is always the possibility that your claim will be denied. Furthermore, if the insurance adjuster is on the fence as to whether to pay your claim, having an attorney helps. When the insurance company realizes that you’ve retained a Miami property damage lawyer, they will take your claim more seriously.

They’ll also be more likely to pay your claim. It is usually not worth the expense of litigating an insurance claim, especially when they know there is a good chance they could lose. It’s one thing to take advantage of a small business owner. It is quite another to try certain tactics on a seasoned Miami property damage lawyer.

What Can You Do if Your Claim Is Still Denied?

If your Miami property damage lawyer files an appeal on your behalf and it is still denied, you do have options. You have every right to file a lawsuit against the insurance carrier. In fact, your attorney will name any other third parties that they believe are responsible for your loss.

For example, if you pay for a security system and it didn’t work properly during the robbery or burglary, the security company may be liable. The same is true if your business is located within a mall or marketplace where they are supposed to provide physical security guards, you may have a claim against the management company as well.

Reach Out to Our Miami Property Damage Lawyers Sooner Rather Than Later

If you’re a business owner and your commercial property insurance claim has been denied, you don’t have time to waste. We suggest you reach out to one of our Miami property damage lawyers as soon as possible. This way, they can make sure your claim is handled properly from the start.

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