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Water damage insurance concept, man holding a bucket under leaking ceiling
Water Damage

What’s Covered When There is Water Damage?

Homeowners can suffer water damage for a variety of reasons, from a broken water pipe and inefficient sewage lines to hurricanes. In Florida, water damage is actually relatively common, as Florida is the lowest point

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claim denied stamped in red, insurance claim denial for lapsed policy
Homeowner's Insurance

Countering an Insurance Denial for a Lapsed Policy

Although you had the best of intentions to renew, you have discovered that your Hollywood insurance policy has lapsed. Even worse–you discovered the lapse in your Hollywood insurance coverage after suffering a loss or injury

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business liability insurance policy with exclusion for property damage
Commercial Property Damage

Common Liability Insurance Exclusions

General liability insurance is coverage for accidents that occur during business operations — case in point: a toddler visiting a business spills the contents of his sippy cup and, five seconds later, a grandmother slips

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house destroyed by hurricane, concept of loss of use coverage
Homeowner's Insurance

Getting Paid for Loss of Home Use

Imagine a hurricane blows through your home, making it completely unlivable. When many people purchase homeowner’s insurance, they think about the cost of repairing the home but not some of the other expenses associated with

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