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4 Common Types of Property Damage

Investing in property is an exciting part of your life, especially for first-time homeowners. However, it is critical to be aware of the potential causes of property damage. If an unfortunate event happens, our team of the best Florida property damage lawyers can help you get the money you deserve from your insurance company. 

What Is Property Damage?

Property damage is any injury to real or personal property. Real property refers to the land you own, plus any buildings that are permanently attached to it. Personal property is anything you own that is not tied to the ground, like cars, technology, and equipment.

4 Types of Property Damage

Property damage can occur in various ways, either through natural causes or someone else’s actions. It is essential to stay aware of any potential dangers to your property. Here are the four most common types of property damage and how to handle each situation.


Wind damage is the leading cause of property damage in the United States, particularly in storm-prone regions like Florida. High-speed winds can uproot trees, damage roofs, shatter windows, and even destroy homes.

To protect your home against wind damage, it is vital to consider your surroundings. You should consider pruning trees that are close to your home, fortifying your roof, and investing in storm shutters. You will also need to secure any loose objects outside your home, like furniture, fuel tanks, and sheds.

Since high-speed winds frequent in Florida, you may benefit from purchasing a policy that protects against windstorm damage. This type of insurance typically provides:

  • Dwelling coverage.
  • Coverage for other structures.
  • Personal property coverage.
  • Loss of rent coverage.
  • Loss of use coverage.


Water damage is widespread, especially in Florida. This type of property damage can cause mold growth and structural damage, which endangers your health and devalues your property. It is critical to stay aware of how water could potentially damage your home.

Common causes of water damage include burst pipes, sewer line backups, and roof leaks. To prevent this damage, finding your water sources and conducting routine inspections is crucial. At least once a year, you should check your pipes and valves for leaks.

Your insurance policy will likely protect your property against burst, broken, or leaking pipes and plumbing. It will also protect against sudden and accidental water damage from appliances. Remember that water damage differs from flood damage, so if you live in a floodplain, you may need to invest in a flood damage policy.

Electrical Outlet Starting a Fire




While fire damage is not as typical as wind or water damage, it is still a devastating type of property damage. More than a quarter of reported fires occur within the home, causing around 75% of all civilian fire deaths.

Cooking accidents are the number one cause of house fires, often occurring when food or other ingredients ignite. To prevent cooking fires, ensure that you stay alert, avoid leaving the kitchen unattended, and use common sense. 

Even the most basic insurance policies protect against fire damage. After securing your safety, reach out to your insurer to see if you can get an advance against your living costs. You’ll also need to secure your property against further damage and file a claim as soon as possible.


Crime is an unfortunate cause of property damage. According to a 2017 report from the FBI, one burglary occurs every 22 seconds in the United States. Burglary refers to an unlawful entry of a structure to commit a felony or theft.

To prevent burglary and theft, you must ensure that your home is not an easy target. When you leave, lock your doors and close your curtains to prevent thieves from seeing your property or the layout of your home. You may also benefit from investing in a home security system.

If you experience a burglary, check in with anyone who was there when the crime happened. You will then need to take notes, photograph the damage, and file a report with the police and your insurance company.

Speak to the Professionals

When investing in property, it is critical to stay aware of potential dangers. Wind damage, water damage, fire damage, and burglary are four common types of property damage, so it’s vital to take the necessary steps to safeguard your home.  

Taking action after any of these traumatic events can be extremely challenging. However, we can help you determine your options based on your insurance coverage. We will investigate, negotiate, and litigate your case to get you the results you deserve.

Schedule your free case review today with our Hollywood property damage attorney. When insurance companies fail, Klotzman Property Damage Law succeeds.

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